Hardwood Floor Installation

in St. Louis, MO

Adding new wood flooring whether it be a job site sanded, pre-finished, or reclaimed wood flooring it is a great way to improve the appearance of your home's interior. The professionals at Abeln Floor Systems can give you the services you want. Our company fulfills the demands of property owners from around the Greater St. Louis area, and we go the extra mile to deliver impeccable craftsmanship. We can help you select a beautiful flooring product that's right for your budget. 

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Job-Site Finished wood flooring (many species, sizes)

 Job-Site Finished floors offer the incredibly smooth traditional look most people associate with hardwood flooring, since the installation process involves sanding and finishing on-site. We use dustless sanding to creates less dust than the standard sanding process, and can customize the finish completely to match exactly what you are envisioning for your space.

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Reclaimed wood flooring (many species, sizes)

Reclaimed flooring sales and installation of every description including “depression” (white) oak, quarter sawn white oak, 1880’s 5” white pine plank, 2 1/4” and 3 1/4” quarter sawn and plain sawn yellow pine, 2 1/4” and 3 1/4” maple, aged barn wood and much more!  Thousands of square feet de-nailed, bundled and in stock at all times.

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Pre-Finished wood flooring (many species, sizes)

If the convenience of pre-finished floors is what you are looking for, we are equipped to help you decide what will work best for your home or business and work within your budget and time frame.

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Custom Borders and Inlays

Years of experience and a passion for wood floors means we absolutely love the chance to create or restore any custom borders and inlays. We take the time and care needed to give you a truly unique and custom feature for your hardwood floors. You can see some examples of this in our portfolio!


Not sure what you want?

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