Hardwood Floor Repair & Restoration

We offer complete restoration of historic wood floors. Our craftsmen are experienced with reclaimed and wide plank wood flooring, and have a passion for finding the perfect solution to any floor problem. We house thousands of board feet of every species and type of antique flooring and can often use our own authentic reclaimed wood flooring.

If you are looking for St. Louis hardwood floor repair, hardwood floor restoration or Hardwood Floor refinishing, we offer high quality flooring services.



Herringbone Floor Repair & Refinish


Kirkwood Log Cabin Repair & Refinish

Common Hardwood Floor PrWe Weoblems

Love your old floors? We can help. 

There isn't much that we haven't tackled, and we love a challenge. Here are some of the many issues we have experience in fixing:

Split or Cracked Wood
Gaps in the Planks
Warped Hardwood Floors
Cupped Floors
Matching and patching floors after renovation

Give us a call to schedule a consultation for your hardwood floor repair and restoration!