Kirkwood Log Cabin House

The clients for this project live in a prominent historic Kirkwood, Missouri home originally built as a log cabin in 1820.  The original oak 3/8” x 2” “depression oak" dining room floors were worn and not worth trying to salvage due to previous wear and numerous sanding cycles.  The clients were very specific during the bidding process about the newly installed replacement, flooring not looking “too perfect” as they really wanted all the character of old wood floors.  They wanted to see chip-outs, nail holes, cracks between the boards, and other imperfections that only “Old House People” can appreciate and they wanted the flooring to blend with their other adjacent pine floors.  After visiting one of our historic pine jobs and looking at our inventory of reclaimed flooring, the owners hired Abeln Floor Systems to provide and install reclaimed 7/8” x 3 1/4” (x up to 16 foot lengths) old growth quarter sawn yellow pine strip flooring in the dining room.  Part of the work included shimming up some settled areas to bring them into a more flat and solid condition.  The result was exactly what the owners were looking for due to the age, character, patina, long lengths and the very tight grain pattern of this 1890’s batch of quarter sawn yellow pine flooring.  As one of my lead men Matt likes to say: “It looks like if grew there!"